Police negligence in Kanchanpur case: Probe Committee

DHANGADHI: The high-level probe committee formed by the government to investigate the rape and murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Panta has concluded that police showed extreme negligence and conducted very light investigation at preliminary stages of the case.

At a presser organised today at the district, the probe committee pointed at police-negligence leading to elevated confusion in finding the culprit. Forty-four days have passed since the gruesome murder of the innocent teen. Authorities are yet to identify the perpetrator as investigations are still ongoing.

On Thursday, the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal too had stated that police negligence since day-one of the incident has led to complications in identifying the culprit.

Coordinator of the probe committee Hari Mainali said, the probe investigation pointed towards lack of interest on part of the police during the course of events, and police falling short of their expected role in carrying out the investigation.

He further stated that mistakes at the initial stage of the investigation led to other incidents that followed. "There was no need to open fire during the protests, nevertheless, the shots were fired.

The probe committee has indicated that it would submit the report on the investigations to the government within a few days after talking to officials concerned.