Police posts shift base; add to locals’ problems

Khotang, August 31:

A number of police posts shifted base to government offices like health posts and VDC offices during the decade-long conflict, making it difficult for staffers of these offices to discharge their duties. The conflict has ended, but the government has not bothered to rebuild police posts that were destroyed during the decade-long insurgency.

Twenty-one police posts of Khotang district and the office of a security unit, established for the security of the Khotang airport, were destroyed during the conflict.

Some of the displaced police posts were merged with the Aaiselukharka Area Police Office, Arkhaule Police Post and Baksila Police Post. Other police posts were shifted

to health posts, VDC offices, Agriculture Service Centre, Area Post Office, Veterinary Office and Water Supply Office.

“Work has been affected ever since a police post was reestablished in our office,” said Dhruba Kumar Karki, an official at the Khotang District Livestock Office.

Other police posts have been operating from Devisthan Health Post, Simpani Drinking Water Office, Buipa VDC office, Halesi Agriculture Service Centre and Chhitapokhari Area Post Office, affecting service-seekers and staffers.

“The police posts were reestablished in government offices as per the decision of an all-party committee,” said DSP Dipak Thapa at the Khotang District Police Office.

Khotang Chief District Officer Kamal Mani Kafle said the authorities concerned have not bothered to address the matter.