Police turn Nelson’s eye on ‘high’ caste-Dalit clash

Himalayan News Service

Rajbiraj, January 3:

The so-called upper caste people from the Mandal community today thrashed 40 Mushar families of Parsahi in Koiladi Madhyapura VDC, Saptari.

They also set their houses on fire following a dispute over the issue of Jaleshwor Sada’s grandson digging up mustard plant in the field belonging to Jhawar Mandal at ward Nos 5 and 6 of the village development committee. A group of about 100 Mandals led by Jhawar Mandal, Hari Mandal, Ram Sundar Mandal and Jeewana Mandal manhandled the Mushars with rods, said Jaleshwor Sada, adding the Mandals also looted goods from them.

The so-called upper caste people gheraoed the village so that the injured Mushars would not be able to go to the hospital for treatment, the injured said.

“The police didn’t take any action though we showed our wounds,” said Dhami Sada.

“The police didn’t respond to our calls for help when we informed the Hanumannagar police office about the incident,” said Shyama Devi Mushar.

The condition of Jaleshwor Sada, wife of Bijaya Shiwiya, Lagan Sada, Dhami Sada, Raj Kumar Sada, Khatari Devi and Nanku Sada is very serious.

Later the injured Mushars managed to go to the Sagarmatha zonal hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, inspector at the Hanumannagar police office, Nasir Hushen, said they are investigating the case.