Policemen accused of taking bribe

DHARAN: Inspector at Dharan Area Police Office Rabi Rawal and two other police personnel have been accused of seeking bribe from a group involved in the transaction of fake Indian currency.

The trio reportedly took Rs 226,000 from Dil Bahadur Limbu of Dharan; Janga Bahadur Rai of Saptari; Balchandra Rai, Kamal Dahal and Saran Tamang of Dhankuta; Devendra Ranamagar of Shankhuwasava and Dinesh Katawal of Sunsari. Inspector Rawal, Sub-Inspector Ram Bahadur Dhakal and Constable Purna Rai took the amount from the detainees, assuring them of releasing on bail.

The Area Police Office, Dharan, had filed a case against the arrested persons. However, the Distrist Lawyer's Office, Sunsari, had ordered the police to release Dahal, Tamang and Katawal. The office had also asked the police to release the other four on bail.

"Inspector Rawal took Rs 15,500 from the innocent persons as well," Katawal added. Another victim Rai said Rawal released them only after taking Rs 8,000 each. "He threatened us to send to prison for 10 years. We have no option but to furnish him the said amount," Rai said, demanding his money back. Katawal's brother said the police had called him over phone and has asked him to furnish Rs 15,000 and deer's flesh for his brother's release. "I did everything as asked by Rawal," he said, demanding severe action against the corrupt policemen. "Who will take care of the people, if the police itself started indulging in such activities?" he wondered.