Polish national on spiritual trip finds Nepal fascinating

Kathmandu, March 18:

Andrej Makowski ‘Indrajit’, a Polish national, walked over 7,000 km on foot to come to Nepal as part of his spiritual journey to share love and experience the oriental culture and religion.

“Though I was born in a Christian (Catholic) family, I am impressed by the richness of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures,”

said Indrajit (61), who is a former police officer. “I

like Nepali people, their culture and their friendly, cooperative and smiling behaviour. Nepal is really a tourist-friendly country with various cultures and heritage,” he added.

Indrajit, who embarked on his journey in 2007, arrived here via Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and India. “However, this is my third visit to Nepal. I had also come to Nepal in 2003 and 2004,” he said and added: “India is my favourite place and Hare Ram Hare Krishna is my spiritual mantra.”

“Everything in Nepal is very good except the frequent power outage. Polish people like Nepal very much as a fascinating tourist destination. Nepali people and security personnel are very cooperative,” he added. Saying

that he had faced problems in getting visa for other countries, Indrajit said, “Getting visa for Nepal is easier and cheaper.” Indrajit is also writing a book on his spiritual journey. “I love all but it is my great passion to visit The Dalai Lama, who is spiritually revered worldwide. After meeting him, I will return to my homeland with more than 8,000 photographs captured throughout my journey,” he said.

Indrajit, who arrived here a month ago, is leaving for Lumbini later this month.