Political parties swear to follow election code of conduct

Phidi, April 23

Political parties in Panchthar district have expressed their commitment to follow the election code of conduct strictly during local level elections.

At a multi-party meeting held in the election office in Phidim today, leaders of political parties showed their commitment to ensure that civic polls were held in a fearless environment.

Chief Election Officer Rajendra Kumar Shrestha said that the parties have shown their commitment to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the election and its code of conduct.

The parties have said they will inform the administration and the security department when they organise any election related programme. They have also assured that they will support the election office in every wat till the election ends.

Similarly, the meeting also decided to hold the election in a fearless environment in the district.

The parties’ cadres and leaders will motivate voters to show their identity cards when they reach voting booths. It is said that leaders of different political parties, election officers, chief district officer and security personnel were present in the meeting.