Politics of violence will not sustain, says Baidhya

Janakpurdham, July 22

Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary) General Secretary Mohan Baidhya today said that politics of violence would not be effective in the country in the present situation.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Janakpurdham, General Secretary Baidhya said the Chand-led party’s future course was misguided and its activities unclear. “Chand is not clear whether he is launching people’s revolution or people’s struggle,” Baidhya added.

Baidhya said the government had failed to recognise Chand and behave with the party accordingly. Commenting on the ban the government had imposed on Chand’s party, Baidhya said the problem should be resolved politically.

Baidhya charged that the incumbent government was against the people and country. “Our party advocates people’s struggle,” Baidhya said, adding, “The communist government has deviated from the track. We shall launch a people’s struggle as this government has failed to meet people’s needs and expectations.”

Baidhya said that people from Madhesi, Muslim, ethnic communities were still deprived of their rights as provinces were not granted full authority to function independently.