Polls will be held as per plan, says EC secretary

Sindhulimadi, April 10

Election Commission Secretary Gopi Nath Mainali today said that the upcoming local level election would be held in all the seven provinces in a single phase as per the announced date on May 14.

Speaking at a training session for chief election officers in Sindhulimadi, Mainali said that voting in all the 744 local bodies would be held on May 14 as announced earlier. “We can’t  imagine holding these elections in two phases. As the Election Commission’s preparations are in full swing, it will held it as per the plan,” secretary Mainali said.

“We have urged the government to create conducive atmosphere and to bring all the parties on board. If the parties fail to forge consensus, the commission will hold the polls with strong security,” Mainali reassured.

Nepali Congress, among other parties, had floated the idea of holding the polls in two phases to please the agitating Madhes-based parties.

Meanwhile, secretary Mainali said that the commission was closely watching the activities of  political leaders and the government. “The prime minister, home minister and defence minister have been banned from using state-owned helicopter, while other ministers and leaders have been forbidden the use of state-owned vehicles. The PM, home minister and defence minister can use helicopter privately but they have to take permission from the commission,” Mainali informed.

As per the secretary, the commission has already printed around 13 million ballot papers and they will be delivered before May 12.