Population of six bird species decreases in Chitwan

RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN: A census carried out recently in the wetland areas of Chitwan district found that the population of six species of birds have decreased.

The counting of water birds had been started in the wetlands of Chitwan district from the second week of this month to find out the situation of the birds inhabiting the areas.

Sharing about the bird census report, ornithologist Basu Bidari said that birds of the duck species were not found. Bidari is also the former president of Bird Education Society in Chitwan.

He stated that 54 species of water birds were found last year whereas only 48 species were found this year.

“Out of the 213 species of birds recorded in Chitwan, only 48 species of water birds have been found during the bird census this year,” said Bidari.

The missing duck species include the Sindurey Hans, Phurkey Hans, Hari Hans, Sunchuri Hans, Soiro Puchchharey Hans and Swtaankhibhaun Hans.

Bidari said mainly the duck species have not been detected but the number of Chakhewa birds was found increased. He stated that 2,849 Chakhewa, 420 Jalewa and 410 Silsiley were found in the course of the census.

The number of birds inhabiting the wetlands is 5,576 and the number of birds inhabiting other areas is 6,215 as per the bird census conducted at the initiation of the Chitwan National Park and Bird Education Society.

Bird census is currently underway in various wetland areas of the country by mobilising 300 volunteers and ornithologists, said Dr Hem Sagar Baral, chief of the Ornithologists Association of Nepal.

He said they would submit a comprehensive report to the government after all the bird census reports are collected.