Potable water beyond reach for many in Bhojpur

Bhojpur, July 27:

Around 40 per cent of people in the district have no access to potable water. These people fetch water from springs and other resources, including streams and rivers.

Water collected from these sources is dirty.

According to a recent survey on the status of drinking water projects and sanitation in the district, only 1,433 households of the 63 village development committees in the district have installed taps in their houses.

The survey carried out by the sub-division office of Drinking Water and Sanitation (SODWS) also revealed that only 13,193 of the 40,444 households in the district were using managed toilets. Most of the people in the district are using streams and open spaces to defecate, according to the report.

“The sources of water are getting polluted, causing the spread of dysentery and other water-borne diseases. The increasing number of dysentery patients in the district proves this,” the SODWS survey report said. A total of 21,605 public taps have been installed in the district so far.

Sub-division office of Drinking Water and Sanitation said it had been launching programmes aimed at raising awareness among locals about the importance of pure drinking water and proper sanitation.