Potato production down in Hemja due to rotten seeds

Pokhara, March 24

Potato production in Hemja VDC of Kaski has decreased this year in comparison to the previous year.

The local farmers produced potatoes worth Rs 17 crore on 450 hectare land this year, but they had produced the seasonal crop worth Rs 18 crore last year.

The farmers said that they had faced loss after the potato seeds that they meant to cultivate rotted in the cold stores. As a result the output did not match their expectations.

A local farmer Chitra Nath Poudel said 650 farmers had cultivated potatoes professionally. It is said that almost 95 per cent farmers have planted potatoes, but the seeds were not recommended by the Potato Crops Research Centre, Khumaltar, for cultivation.

Another farmer Ishwari Bastola said the farmers were compelled to sell their product at a cheap rate due to lack of cold stores in Hemja. Bastola further added that they have been demanding cold stores from the government every year, but in vain.

The potato produced in Hemja is famous in the markets of Pokhara.