Potholes on highway leaves Rautahat locals worried

RAUTAHAT: A vital road section recently renovated by the Rautahat Road Division Office along the East-West Highway has been reported to have developed several potholes.

The road stretch from Dhansar to Bagmati was renovated on a contract of Rs 8.2 million by the Koteshwor-based Akela Panch Kumar JV. The contract was signed on June 16.

But, now, the road has many potholes, which are likely to increase likelihood of road accidents, according to locals.

They say reappearance of potholes on the road, just blacktopped a week ago, in the main city area has left them worried.

After the pedestrians have found it difficult to walk along the road with potholes with muddy water collected in them, the locals complain that the renovation was meaningless.

The vehicles can hit pedestrians whenever they try to avoid pitfalls, according to the denizens.

Neither are the roadsides allocated for pedestrians to walk along are safe, complains a local from Chandrapur, Bharat Acharya.