Prachanda directs civil servants to serve people

Kathmandu, August 19:

A day after he took charge, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” today remained busy meeting bureaucrats, security officials and international delegations at his office.

He called a meeting with all top-level government officials this afternoon to issue special directions. Over 50 secretaries and other district-level officers were present in the meeting.

Secretary at the Ministry of Information and Communication Yubaraj Pandey said the Prime Minister sought help and support from the bureaucracy for the new government.

“He has requested us to work without any prejudice against any party in the government and told us that each of the civil servant would be rewarded fairly on the basis of performance.”

“Prime Minister Prachanda has also reminded us of the people’s expectation on this critical juncture of the history and our responsibility to fulfil the great responsibility,” he said.

During the meeting, the PM also pointed out that people have some critical complaints against the present bureaucracy due to drawbacks of some civil servants and said that it was the duty of the bureaucrats themselves to wipe out any negative image of the bureaucracy.

“He has also promised to visit each of the ministries and other offices to understand how they have been working,” he added.

Secretary at the Ministry of Water Resources Shankar Prasad Koirala said the PM directed all the secretaries to work for the people.

Prachanda also met Norwegian Minister for Environment and International Development Erik Solheim today.

Later, he held a meeting with the delegation led by Chief of the United Nations Mission to Nepal Ian Martin.

Meantime, he had another meeting with the Secretary of the Home Ministry on the flood situation in eastern Nepal. The PM also held a separate meeting with the Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal to discuss the security situation of the country.