Prachanda sees bid to trigger ethnic violence

Kathmandu, June 7:

Maoist supremo Puspa Kamal Dahal has accused foreign powers of trying to trigger communal violence.

Ethnic communities should remain alert on this score, he said at an interaction organised today by Nepal Dalit Liberation Front (Unified).

“Those who used to talk of disintegration of the nation have become supporters of ethnic movement,” he said.

The Maoist supremo said he had planned to liberate people of the whole world when he initiated the people’s war. He claimed that the CA of Nepal is most inclusive.

“Revolution is the hope of the downtrodden,” Prachanda said.

“I feel proud when I see a large number of downtrodden people gathering at the Birendra International Convention Centre to represent the lowest rank of the Nepali society. I feel proud when I see lord of the feudals Gyanendra preparing to leave the palace,” Prachanda said.

Despite these achievements, we have a long way to go, he said.

The Maoist supremo said his party wanted the constitution readied within one-and-a-half years and general election held within another two years.

He said the constitution-making process will see a vigorous ideological battle between representatives.

“I feel that significant representation of Dalits, Janajatis, women, disadvantaged groups and regions in the Constituent Assembly became possible because of Maoist ideology,” Prachanda said.

“Representation of 50 Dalits in the CA is not enough. We need more Dalit CA members,” he said.

President of the National Dalit Liberation Front (Unified) Tilak Pariyar presented a concept paper and urged all Dalit members of the CA to unite for the cause of Dalits. In his paper, Pariyar has proposed a caucus of Dalit CA members representing different parties on the basis of common agendas of the Dalits and called for a Joint political front of Dalits. He has called for coordination between the front and the caucus.

In his paper, Pariyar has called on parties to make sure that their members do not resort to caste-based discrimination.

He has urged the CA to ensure rights of Dalits.

Pariyar said special rights should be given to Dalits through a special provision and 20 per cent quota should be allocated to Dalits in all sectors.

Ram Prit Paswan of the CPN-UML, Chhatra Tailor of the NC and Ranendra Baraily said they were for forging a working alliance with the front.