Prachanda's political doc okayed

KATHMANDU: The political document presented by the UCPN-Maoist chairman, Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda", was endorsed by the party's central committee (CC) meeting today.

The original 19-page document was revised in several discussions at secretariat, politburo and CC meetings before the CC meet and was reduced to 15-page before it was finally passed by the CC.

The upcoming central leadership will give final touch to the document incorporating the latest suggestions made by the central committee members. The document is focused on "unity, struggle and transformation".

Spokesperson Dinanath Sharma said senior leader Mohan Baidhya "Kiran" also extended his support to the revised document. He said the distribution of works to the party leaders would begin from Friday. "Changes on existing work division are on the cards," a politburo member said adding that the leaders have begun lobbying for the places of their choice. He said the meeting could conclude tomorrow as everything was prepared in the higher committees and they just need final nod of the central committee.

A politburo member also said the document also focused on taking the people's movement to a climax.

Prachanda, in his document, has focused on peace, new constitution and national joint government. According to it, the party will continue its fight for civilian supremacy and national independence.

According to the politburo member, Prachanda had just mentioned national government which was later revised as "national joint government of progressive leftists, nationalists and true republicans".

The revised document has removed the quotes of Chunbang meeting and the analysis of communist movement in Nepal since 1949 has been chopped out.

Sources said Kiran had praised the competence of chairman to keep the party intact.

Maoist leader C P Gajurel said the party adopted the strategy of people's movement since it was not given chance to bring changes through regular process of drafting new constitution. "People will choose movement if the peace process continues to be stalled," he argued.

Gajurel said the statute has now turned the secretariat as standing committee following the adoption of collective leadership. The meeting has also decided to add a few more members in the politburo and the party’s central committee.

The existing statute of the party was amended in order to incorporate the new system of collective leadership.