RM to invest in newborn girls

Bara, July 8

Prasauni Rural Municipality, Bara, is preparing to deposit Rs 10,000 every year in a 20-year fixed deposit in the name of the just-born baby girl from the new fiscal.

The rural municipality devised the idea of consolidating the Province 2 government’s campaign ‘Save Daughter, Educate Daughter’ and the second meeting of the village assembly took a decision to this effect.

“We have decided to launch a daughter special programme to disseminate a message for guaranteeing education for daughters and managing their wedding only after they cross 20 years,” said Bhola Prasad Gupta, chairperson of rural municipality. He said the baby girl should be registered within 35 days after birth for the facility.

“The rural municipality will open a bank account in the baby girl’s name on the basis of birth registration. The girl should pass grade 12 and reach 20 years to withdraw the money,” added Chairperson Gupta.

“A daughter is considered a burden in the Tarai as they need a huge amount for her wedding. Many prefer to get daughters married at an early age instead of giving proper education and making them self-reliant. They can’t go against their parents’ will due to lack of proper education. Keeping these things in mind, we launched a daughter relief programme,” said Gupta.

A girl under this scheme will be able to withdraw Rs 80,000 after 20 years from the bank. “Though little, this amount will be crucial for her higher education. Discussions with various banks are under way regarding the campaign,” said Gupta.

Similarly, the rural municipality has also decided to provide bicycles to as many as 150 girls of grade VIII and IX from community schools. Five top scorers in the SEE from municipality’s community schools also will be honoured with Rs 50,000 each.

The local level has also decided to provide two packets of iodised salt to pregnant women and Rs 1,000 as an incentive to the mother of a newborn from the new fiscal.