Sunsari, September 8

Pregnant women and new mothers are having a tough time due to lack of beds in the gynaecology department of the Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences of late.

Bed crunch has forced them to share bed with one to two other women while some others are bound to stay in the open with their kin waiting for their turn.

On Thursday, a pregnant woman was brought to the hospital. When doctors at the parturition ward informed her kin about the lack of beds and their inability to admit her, a dispute ensued between the patient’s kin and the doctors. Somehow, doctors convinced the kin and then sent them away telling them to come two days later. Actually, lack of beds has been the order of the day at the hospital these days.

Gynaecology Department chief Dr Mohanchandra Regmi admitted that the hospital was facing problems due to lack of beds in the parturition ward. “It’s not that the rate of women who want to have their babies born at the hospital has increased. Actually, the number has increased as the health facilities in the region are referring even minor cases to us these days,” he said.

According to Regmi, 60 to 80 patients visit the hospital for parturition services every day.