Premier indulging in non-essentials: Mainali

ITAHARI: CPN-ML general secretary CP Mainali today said that Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal was wasting his time by attending various non-essential programmes leaving aside his major daily chores.

Mainali, who had come to Itahari on a campaign of his party, said so while talking to mediapersons. He said, "The activities of the government are not satisfactory. The Prime Minister himself has diverted his attention away from the root of the current crisis."

He also urged the PM not to continue attending various unnecessary programmes like inauguration and delivering speeches.

He also said that it was ridiculous that PM of a country in transition is busy in inaugurating bridges and weeding plants.

He accused that the commitment made at the time of forming the coalition government has not been fulfiled. He added, "If he does not devote his time for proper work, he is not going to achieve anything."

Mainali also accused the government of failing to coordinate the activities of its ministers. He said, "Finance minister Surendra Pandey has not disbursed budget for the special security strategy initiated by Home Minister Bhim Rawal."

He also claimed that Pandey and Rawal have stopped talking to each other due to that.

He, however, reasoned that the government was not able to perform its duties due to Maoists' obstruction. He said, "The Maoists have been displaying childish rigidity. They should understand that the current government is not anti-Maoists."

Challenging the Maoists to garner majority in the House for forming the next government, he said that the Maoists would get the opportunity to lead the government only if they dismantled their paramilitary wing (YCL) and handed over all the land and property they have seized to the people.

He also said that integration of the Maoists combatants into the Nepali Army was not possible.

The High Level Political Mechanism was promoting confusion instead of avoiding it, he added.

Mainali also clarified that if there is no consensus among the political parties regarding the current political stalemate, the new constitution will not be drafted within the next 90 days.