Biratnagar, July 27:

Local Development Minister Dev Gurung today accused President Dr Ram Baran Yadav of keeping himself busy in forming the new government against the spirit of the interim constitution.

Talking to the mediapersons at Biratnagar airport, he said, “The President has been meeting the leaders without informing the Constituent Assembly about Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s resignation.”

“Only after informing the Constituent Assembly members about the resignation of the Prime Minister, the President should have called the parties to form the new government,” he said. “It is the task of the parliament to initiate the government formation process, not of the President.”

President’s meetings with the parties regarding the government formation are extra constitutional, he said.

Regarding the issue of split in alliance with the CPN-UML, Gurung said the alliance could be forged again if both parties correct the mistakes they had committed, he said. “An alliance among the leftist parties is still possible. And our party always favours this.”

He alleged that the big parties were conspiring to bar his party from leading the new government.