Prices of daily commodities up

Gaighat, October 9

Prices of daily commodities in Udayapur has gone up dramatically with the hike in transport fare following fuel shortage due to the general strike in the Tarai.

According to a local Jabu Mandal, prices of the daily essentials such as rice, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil, among others, have risen by over 50 per cent.

“Compared to the prices before the general strike, everything now costs more,” he said, adding, “What can we do when the shopkeepers charge us more saying that they have purchased the commodities at higher rates from wholesalers?”

Businessman Amod Pokharel argued that it was a compulsion for them to hike the prices given the high transportation fare. “The price hike is not our choice as it is something induced by the increased transportation fare,” said Pokharel, adding, “Earlier, we would pay about 10,000 for a truck to transport things from Biratnagar but now it costs up to 40,000 rupees.”

Another businessman Binod Pande too justified the recent hike in the price level.

“The blame also goes to the concerned authorities that have kept mum over the ongoing malpractice. The transporters are overcharging though the government is providing them police escorting,” he said, adding the prices of goods would come down if the transporters reduce their fare.

Kumar Khadka, officer at the district administration office, conceded that the prices of daily commodities have gone up due to increase in transportation fare.

Food shortage hits Tanahun

Damauli, October 9

Shortage of food items has hit the locals hard in Tanahun following short supply of petroleum products due to blockade at various border points across the country.

Shortage of food materials, including cooking oil, gas, salt, sugar and rice, among other items, ahead of the festive season has terrified the locals. Ramesh Ghimire, proprietor of Damauli-based grocery shop, said traders have run out of food stocks in Tanahun. The price of food materials have skyrocketed in the local markets. Consumers accused the businessmen fleecing them.

Ghimire said the supply of daily essential had been badly affected due to the ongoing protests in the plains.

Meanwhile, Chief District Officer Mahadev Pantha said there was no shortage of food items in the district. “I have already directed the traders to prevent any possible crisis,” he said.