Prices of daily essentials go up in Ramechhap

Ramechhap, November 5

The ongoing Madhes agitation, which has affected import of essential supplies from India, has sent prices of the daily commodities skyrocketing in Ramechhap.

“As the festivals are approaching, prices have soared exponentially,” said a local costumer Gyanu Shrestha of Manthali, adding, “Cooking oil that was available at Rs 110 per liter just a few days ago now costs Rs 205. But even if you are ready to pay the price, you don’t get it easily.”

Local journalist Badri Nayanghare held the traders responsible for the price hike.

“The traders have hoarded daily essentials and created artificial shortage in the market,” he argued. “Otherwise, why on earth would only the prices of goods that are on high demand during the festival go up?” he questioned.