Primary health centre in Kolti sans doctors

BAJURA: Kolti Primary Health Centre has been operating without doctors for almost a month.

“With the end of contract of Dr Satya Shahi and transfer of Dr Bijay Kumar Shah under temporary quota to Bir hospital for studies, the medical facility has been without doctors,” Chief and Public Health Officer Keshav Raj Giri said.

Hundreds of patients have been facing hard time due to shortage of doctors in the facility.

According to sources, more than a hundred patients visit the health facility every day.

In absence of doctors, the patients are referred to health facilities in Nepalgunj, authorities said.

As many as 50,000 residents in four local levels of northern Bajura, Humla, Kalikot and Mugu visit the medical facility for treatment. However, the patients are impelled to travel by air to Nepalgunj, at present, locals said.

According to Chief of District Health Office, Dr Rup Chandra BK, efforts are ongoing to extend Dr Shahi’s contract length while a list of vacancies has been forwarded to Public Service Commission for filling permanent positions.