PM Oli miffed at vernacular media

Kathmandu, June 18

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today criticised Nepali-language media for their failure to use honorific language.

Speaking at a press conference at Singha Durbar, Oli said the Nepali-language television channels did not use ‘tapai’ (a Nepali version of ‘you’ used to refer to someone senior or in a higher position). “The word tapai has almost vanished from Nepali language,” he said.

Oli said the media raised issues related to language, culture and tradition, but they themselves failed to uphold language, culture and tradition of the Nepali society known for its courtesy and dignity. “In Nepali language, a father is referred to as tapai,” he said. “But using timi (a Nepali version of ‘you’ used to refer to someone junior) to refer to father, mother, grandfather or grandmother undermines Nepali language, civilisation and culture,” he said.

He condemned even social media. “If we start following social media in terms of language, culture and civilisation, what kind of society are we creating?” he asked.

Stating that anything said through social media was public, Oli said it would have a negative effect on children and that people needed to be sensitive towards the issue. He claimed that even learned people who talked about saving culture use impolite language.

He said there was nothing wrong in putting forth one’s views, but requested that polite words based on facts be used.