Prime Minister Deuba dwells on Dr KC’s demands with Oli, Dahal

Kathmandu, August 4

A meeting held between Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and chiefs of the CPN-UML and the CPN-MC urged Dr Govinda KC to end his hunger strike, arguing that the Parliament would address most of his concerns.

Education Secretary Shanta Bahadur Shrestha, who attended the meeting, said the meeting concluded that most of the demands put forth by Dr KC would be addressed by the Parliament when it passes the Medical Education Bill.

This bill is being considered by Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare Committee of the Parliament.

Shrestha said the meeting concluded that the Parliament being a sovereign body should not be compelled to act under pressure and Dr KC should honour supremacy of the House.

Shrestha said PM Deuba, UML Chair KP Sharma Oli and CPN-MC Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal agreed that the  House could consider adding provisions in the bill to address issues raised by Dr KC, who has been staging hunger strike for last 12 days over his demands of reforming the medical education of the country.

“All three leaders agreed that the bill could be revised keeping in mind the rationality of issues,” Shrestha added.

Shrestha who heads the talks team formed to hold dialogue with Dr KC added that the top three leaders of the major parties hoped that Dr KC would not do anything that could pressure the Parliament to take a decision. Shrestha said the talks team informed top leaders about their efforts to reach a deal with Dr KC.

He said the talks team was ready to discuss Dr KC’s other demands that were  not related to the Medical Education Bill. Shrestha said Dr Bhagwan Koirala, who had helped draft the Medical Education Bill, also shared his perspective with Prime Minister Deuba, Oli and Dahal.

CPN-UML lawmaker Agni Prasad Kharel, who also attended the meeting, said the meeting concluded that Dr KC should withdraw his hunger strike to let the Parliament take a decision on his demands.

“A bill that can address Dr KC’s demands is being considered by a parliamentary panel. The Parliament is a sovereign body and it can address his concerns. Dr KC should withdraw his protest to enable the Parliament to take a call on the issue,” he said.