Pokhara, March 19

Prince Harry, who is on a five-day visit to Nepal, is scheduled to visit Lamjung and Pokhara via helicopter on March 21.

During his stay in Pokhara, Prince Harry will meet family members of Gurkha Army personnel. He will observe Gurkha Museum at the British Camp where he will commend the bravery and service of an exceptional group of soldiers to the Crown.

More than 40,000 Gurkhas sacrificed their lives for Britain in the WWI and WWII. As many as 13 Gurkha Army personnel have so far been awarded with Victoria Cross. Prince Harry will also take stock of reconstruction in the activities in the quake affected areas.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth visited Nepal twice in 1961 and 1986. Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince Philip had also visited the country.

Harry will trek to Lamjung’s Gaunda VDC before coming to Pokhara. He will also visit Dalla, a local community which is benefitting from the economic potential of tourism by offering homestays to visitors.

Later that day, Prince Harry will travel north to Pokhara, where he will take part in a trek in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The trek will end in a remote hamlet in the hills where Prince Harry will enjoy a cultural show organised by local people before watching the sun set over the Himalayas. He will spend the rest of the evening at a Gurkha homestay, where he will stay overnight. He is slated to stay at the house of Dev Bahadur Tamang at Okhari village, Gaunda. Tamang is the son of the former British Army soldier. Dev Bahadur has an old mother. He will also hold talks with her.

On March 22, Prince Harry will observe the sunrise over the Himalayas before departing from the hamlet and trekking to a local secondary school.

Coinciding 200 years of diplomatic ties between Nepal and Britain, Prince Harry landed in Kathmandu on a five-day Nepal visit. Harry, 32,  is  in Nepal as the representative of Her Majesty the Queen.