Printing of voters list to begin from Sunday: CEC Yadav

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission is going to print the voters list for the upcoming local level election from tomorrow.

The commission is working with the target of delivering the voters list to all the districts within April 23.

The Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhi Prasad Yadav said this on Saturday while addressing to the concluding session of the Training of Trainers conducted for the officials of all four security bodies to be deployed in the election.

The commission has stated that the names of around 14 million voters have been registered for the local level election slated for May 14.

It is also stated that the 75 Returning Officers and the 669 Election Officers for the local poll would be appointed within a couple of days.

"The Election Commission is fully geared up for the election. It is carrying out works related to the management of human resources, logistics and trainings at present," CEC Yadav said. He urged all sides to extend cooperation to conduct the election in a free, fair and fear-free environment.

Election commissioner Sudheer Kumar Shah directed the chiefs and representatives of all the security bodies to boost up the psychological environment for the security of the voters, candidates, employees assigned on election duty and the vote counting centres. He added that the security bodies have a high morale for making the election free, fair and peaceful, and the commission was capable of upholding its credibility by conducting the election in a single phase on the slated date.

Election Commission Secretary Gopinath Mainali said the training would help forge a common view among the security bodies for holding the election in a free, peaceful and impartial manner.

Inspector General of the Armed Police Force (APF) Singha Bahadur Shrestha said the training has contributed a lot in maintaining coordination among the security bodies in terms of the election.

Election Commission Joint Secretary Nawaraj Dhakal noted that the commission has already conducted central level trainings on election communication, voter education, logistical management and election security.

The commission plans to deploy 126 thousand employees and 21 thousand volunteers for the election.