Prithvi Subba and Kiran lay claim for Province 4 CM

Pokhara, January 21

After Provincial Assembly members took oath of office and secrecy today, a discussion has started on who will be the chief minister of Province 4.

CPN-UML is the largest party in Province 4. UML Central Committee Secretary and Organisation Department Chief Prithvi Subba Gurung and Standing Committee member and Province 4 Organisation Committee Coordinator Kiran Gurung are major contenders for the post of chief minister. After taking oath of office and secrecy, both leaders presented themselves as chief minister.

Prithvi Subba Gurung said that he had solicited votes from people projecting himself as chief minister. He reminded that he had canvassed votes saying that the chief minister not a central minister could take the initiative for development.

He claimed that his claim on the chief ministerial post had brought excitement among the people.

Subba said the chief minister would be elected through a party procedure. “CPN-UML Provincial Assembly parliamentary party meeting elects the leader for chief minister and the parliamentary party leader will become the chief minister”, Subba added. He said that it would be too early to comment on the nomenclature of the province. “First, we shall seek consensus from parties. If consensus eludes, we shall finalise the name of the province through two-thirds majority,” he added.

Another major chief ministerial contender Kiran Gurung said it was natural for him to lay the claim to the post as he had discharged his responsibility as province head.

He said the party would finalise the name for chief minister. He indicated that election could be held to elect the leader as chief minister.

Gurung said that he would garner enough votes to become parliamentary party leader in the province if election was held. He pledged to make Province 4 a model province.