Process of passing constitution amendment bill begins today

Kathmandu, December 17

Legislature Parliament is scheduled to begin preliminary discussion on the Bill on First Amendment to Constitution of Nepal tabled at the Parliament on December 15 from tomorrow.

“I held consultations with legal experts, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and chief whips of political parties today on how to go ahead with the remaining proceedings of the bill. I have decided to begin discussions on the bill from tomorrow itself,” said Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar.

As the United Democratic Madhesi Front has expressed reservation against the bill, saying that it was insufficient to address its concerns, the Speaker is also planning to hold talks with the UDMF leaders. “I will hold talks with the UDMF leaders and request them to participate in the process and find solution through consensus,” she said.

After preliminary discussion, the House will give lawmakers three days to register their amendment proposals on the bill.

The Parliament will also publish the bill in the Gazette in a few days to inform the people about the bill as per the requirement of the constitutional provision, according to Gharti Magar.

The bill has proposed to ensure proportional inclusion of underprivileged groups in state bodies and make population the major basis for delineating the election constituencies.

The UDMF leaders have been demanding to make the language of the amendment more specific and also amend the article on boundaries of federal units, ensuring at least two provinces in the Tarai-Madhes.