Loss of property amounting to nearly Rs 400 million has been reported in the fire incident that took place at Dobhan Bazaar of Taplejung district.

A taskforce formed under the coordination of Chief Administrative Officer of Meringden Rural Municipality, Dambar Angdambe, for the collection of official details on damages has disclosed that the massive fire caused damages amounting to Rs 398.77 million.

The fire had completely destroyed houses along with shops, stores, and other physical structures. Angdambe said that Nepal Telecom has faced the biggest loss of Rs 10 million after its tower and other structures were completely destroyed.

It took a long time to assess the details of loss caused by the fire, Angdambe added.

The taskforce came up with their assessment last night. The fire that took place on Tuesday, March 2, had destroyed around 50 houses.

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