Biratnagar, April 19 Province 1 assembly members received their salary even though a law for the same is being finalised. They received Rs 45,000 monthly salary. Parliament Secretariat has deposited the salary of 88 province assembly members including the speaker and deputy speaker in their bank accounts up to the Nepali month Chaitra. According to the account of the secretariat, the salary was deposited in Agriculture Development Bank accounts. The assembly members received the cumulative amount of Rs 124,000 from the date of taking the oath of office. The central government has opened the way for receiving government facility until a law is in place in the province. Department of Parliament Facility was established in the secretariat to manage salary, house rent, communication expenditure and meeting allowance for PA members. Meanwhile, the PA members said that the salary was deposited in their bank accounts. Earlier, they said that they have faced problems going to attend the PA meetings due to finance crunch. The PA members said that they had received salary three months after taking the oath of office.