Province 2 PA meeting obstructed

Janakpurdham, December 30

Members of the Provincial Assembly in Province 2 obstructed the PA meeting convened today, after around one-and-a-half months, over the delay in releasing the fund for development projects long completed.

Earlier, in relation to the inordinate delay in the release of budget for projects that were finished by the fiscal 2018-19, a committee led by the PA speaker Saroj Kumar Yadav had investigated the projects. The committee, in its report, had instructed the government to immediately release payment of Rs 913.9 million for the completed projects. The committee had submitted its report at the PA meeting held on November 15 this year.

But as the payment hasn’t been made till date, the PA members obstructed the PA meeting today. “We obstructed the PA for one-and-a-half months over the same issue, but till this date the amount is yet to be released,” said NCP (NCP) PA member Shatrughan Mahato. “The chief minister has pledged to provide the amount thrice but to no avail. As we’ve yet to get the amount, I don’t know how to believe the government now,” said Mahato.

Nepali Congress PA member Shivachandra Chaudhary also expressed displeasure at the delay in releasing the fund for development projects long completed. “Though the probe committee had clearly instructed the government to release the amount pronto, the government has yet to oblige, which is unfortunate,” he said.

Meanwhile, it’s not only the opposition PA members that have participated in the PA obstruction. Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal PA member Upendra Mahato criticised the government for the time it has taken to release the fund and said it was time for him to start an agitation against the government.

As per sources, payment of as many as 842 projects that were completed last fiscal has yet to be made. Following the obstruction, another PA meeting is scheduled for 1:00pm tomorrow.