Province 3 chief minister inspects Muglin road

Chitwan, February 13

Chief Minister Dormani Poudel of Province 3 has blamed the existing law of the country for irregularities happening in the name of development projects.

Speaking to journalists after inspecting the under-construction Narayangadh-Mugling road section here today, Poudel said, “As our law has numerous loopholes, it gives contractors the pretext to delay projects and get involved in financial shenanigans. While many a time it’s the lucre that is responsible for work being held up, there are cases when projects suffer due to lack of cooperation between different agencies,” he added, calling for a change in the law to give the people a feel of change.

Further, expressing his concerns about the delay in road construction, the chief minister sought an end to the culture to indefinitely extending the contract on development projects. “This must be the last extension,” he observed. Internal Affairs and Law Minister Shaligram Jamarkattel and provincial lawmaker Bijaya Subedi were also members of the inspection team.