Province 3 Chief Minister off to China

HETAUDA: Chief Minister of Province 3 Dormani Poudel has left the country for his five-day China visit, on Tuesday morning.

A team of seven headed by CM Poudel left for China on the invitation of the governor of Gansu province. The team consists of CM Poudel and his wife Bijaya Poudel, members of the provincial assembly of Province 3 Juneli Shrestha, Kanchan Khanal and Radha Ghale, undersecretary at the office of the chief minister and council of ministers Bhola Dahal, and CM's personal aide Anup Poudel.

CM Poudel will address various programmes in Lanzhou city of the province between July 3 to July 6.

He will address the 25th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair and High-End Forum on Silk Road Cooperation Programme. CM Poudel will also meet the governor of the province Tang Renjian on the same occasion on Thursday, informed aide Poudel.

Likewise, the Chief Minister will hold further talks regarding the construction of an industrial zone in Marin of Sindhuli and Manhari of Makawanpur along with the running of electric vehicles in Province 3, added aide Poudel.

"We are highly influenced by the development in China and are also learning from it," said CM Poudel. The proposed Nepal-China railway will link Lanzhou city of Gansu province with Nepal's Province 3, making the visit crucial to the development of the railway, added CM Poudel.

The Chief Minister will return to Nepal on Sunday, July 7.

Translated by Nishant Pokhrel