Province 4 chief minister pledges prosperity

Nawalpur, February 17

Chief Minister of Province 4 Prithivi Subba Gurung today said that he was committed to making the province prosperous within five years.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of golden jubilee year of Janajyoti High School at Pragatinagar in Nawalparasi today, Gurung said Province 4 was ahead in terms of economic growth, education, tourism, culture and hydro projects, among others, compared to other provinces.

“Province 4 will be developed as a model province in five years,” he said, adding the first cabinet meeting had provided a road map for development.

CM Gurung admitted that the province was lagging behind in terms of industrial development and pledged to develop three places, including Nawalpur, as industrial areas in next five years. “Drinking water, electricity, education and health facilities will reach to every household in the province,” he assured, adding, “Unity among people is needed to develop the province.”

He also said Nawalpur would be the lifeline for the province and fast track would be constructed to connect Pokhara.