Pokhara, April 23

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Hari Bahadur Chuman of Province 4 today said that the provincial government was prepared to phase out syndicate system in the transport sector.

Speaking at an interaction on problems and challenges in the transportation sector organised by Press Club, Pokhara, today, Minister Chuman said that everybody has equal right to compete in a democracy. “The provincial government is ready to remove the syndicate system and allow free competition in the transportation sector,” he added.

He said that transport Entrepreneurs Committees had developed profit-oriented mentality rather than being service-oriented. “The government has decided to bring such committees into the tax system,” he informed. He further added that brokers should not enter the transportation sector .

Minister Chuman said that different power centres were working to render the federal system a failure. He said the power centres were against provincial government and wanted only the central and local levels.

Minister Chuman said that a development and prosperity campaign would be launched after bringing the budget for the upcoming fiscal. “The provincial government is moving ahead giving priority to public works,” he added.