Provincial headquarters in community forest mulled

  • A few influential leaders and ministers discussed using community forest land for the purpose

Dhangadi, May 10

It has been learnt that preparations are under way to clear a certain forest area in Godavari Municipality in Kailali to construct physical infrastructure necessary for a permanent provincial headquarters in Province 7.

According to sources, a few influential leaders and ministers of ruling parties of the Provincial Assembly are lobbying to set up permanent provincial headquarters in one of the community forests in Godavari Municipality.

“We held a discussion at former minister Lekhraj Bhatta’s residence on the prospect of using a community forest land to site the permanent headquarters and build the infrastructure required,” said a leader who participated in the discussion.

“There are three or four possible sites including the forest area of Chaukidanda along the Attariya-Mahendranagar Highway, the woods next to Attariya bazaar, the forest area adjoining Godavaridham and the forest area full of shrubs north of Geta for locating a permanent district headquarters,” said the leader, adding that some participants at the meeting had pointed out the possibility of choosing the Fisheries Development Centre citing the lengthy official rigmarole of acquiring and appropriating forest land.

Meanwhile, Lekhraj Bhatta himself denied that there was any meeting to discuss the matter of provincial headquarters. “I don’t know anything about this. The media is making news on the basis of guesses, which is unfortunate,” he argued.