Punish my son’s murderers, says Gangamaya

Chabilal and Januka identified as masterminds behind the murder

Chitwan, September 21

Gangamaya Adhikari of Phujel, Gorkha, has demanded that the murderers of her son be punished She demanded justice while recording her statement.

According to Chitwan District Court’s earlier order, court registrar Gehendraraj Panta, on Monday, had gone to Bir Hospital where Gangamaya is being treated, to record her statement regarding the murder of her son years ago.

The court registrar included Gangamaya’s statement along with a report in a file that he will submit to the court.

Identifying Chhabilal Poudel, his son Parshuram Poudel and nephew Bhimsen Poudel, and Ram Prasad Adhikari, and Januka Poudel as the main culprits, she said the others were their accomplices. Chhabilal and Januka were identified as the masterminds behind the heinous murder. All the murderers except Rudra Acharya are fellow villagers, she said in the statement.

In the statement, she also rued how the murderers falsely identified her son as a Nepali Army soldier and made it an excuse to finish him off.

“Just a few weeks after he was killed, Chhabilal had come to my house and conceded that they had executed the murder by falsely identifying him (her son) as an NA soldier. Before leaving, he had dared my family to do whatever we could,” she said in her statement.

Further, Gangamaya described the murder as premeditated. “On the day he had gone to Chitwan, Chhabilal had come to my house to inquire where my sons were. I told him that my eldest son had gone to take tuition class and the youngest had gone to Chitwan.

I didn’t know that he had come to find my son’s whereabouts just to make a plan to finish one of them,” she said, adding that her eldest son Nur Prasad had gone out of contact for the past four years.

Today, the statement recording was done in the presence of Dr Manena Prasad Gorkhali and the hospital’s legal advisor Purnima Guragain.

The then Maoist cadres had killed Krishna Prasad at Bakulahar chowk, Ratnanagar Municipality on June 6, 2004 when he had gone to Jayamangal in Chitwan to meet his grandparents.

Two days after the murder, his father Nanda Prasad had filed a complaint with Chitwan police. Later the deceased’s brother Nur Prasad, on December 11, 2005, had filed an FIR accusing 13 persons for the murder.

Of those who had seen the FIR filed against them, Sita Adhikari, Januka Poudel and Subhadra Tiwari were released on normal date.

Similarly, Bhishma Poudel, Himlal Adhikari, Ram Prasad Adhikari and Parshuram Poudel were released on a bail amount of 27,000 rupees per head.

Meghanath Poudel, Kali Prasad Poudel, Chhabilal Poudel and another Ram Prasad Adhikari were also released on normal date by receiving bail of Rs 20,000 per person. The other two persons Rudra Acharya and Bishnu Tiwari are yet to come in contact with the court.

Following arguments over the same case, the Supreme Court later had ruled that the proceedings in the case be moved by keeping Chhabilal in custody. He has been at large ever since.

Another hearing on the case is due next Sunday.

Meanwhile, after the court said that Gangamaya’s statement would be recorded, she has ended her hunger strike.