Kathmandu, September 4

Amid criticism from all quarters that the government failed to deliver on its promises, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Co-chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal have reached understanding on reshuffling the Cabinet.

They are of the view that some of the ministers can be relieved and some others can be inducted in the Cabinet to ensure effective delivery of services to the people. They, however, have not yet revealed which minister will be fired and who will be inducted.

The two leaders reached understanding following a series of meetings on the issue at the prime minister’s official residence today.

Oli and Dahal have received feedback about an increasing level of frustration among people. They have also realised that the party will lose its popularity if the government fails to deliver on its promises.

“Our talks focused on taking action against ministers who have failed to deliver, resulting in frustration among people,” Dahal told mediapersons during an interaction at his residence in Khumaltar, Lalitpur. “Our decision will be based on merit and not on leaders’ affiliation to erstwhile UML or CPN-MC.”

He added that public response to the agitation launched by Dr Govinda KC and cases of violence against women had set the government thinking.

The NCP has given the responsibility of preparing a review report on the government’s performance and party unification progress to the co-chairpersons of the party. The report will be discussed in the party secretariat and the standing committee.

The party plans to hold meetings of the secretariat and the standing committee within this month, each meeting lasting two days.

Dahal said the party would launch a nationwide campaign to promote the government’s achievements. “Our discussions are focused on how to make the government more effective,” he said.

When asked whether a supplementary budget would be announced, Dahal said, “We are not claiming that everything will be sorted out just by announcing a supplementary budget. What we are saying is that pledges made during elections by our candidates should somehow be accommodated in the budget — be it through a supplementary budget or through any other means.” He admitted that the government had raised people’s expectations, unrealistically. For instance, he added, had the government raised the senior citizens’ allowance just by Rs 500 and told people that the amount would reach Rs 5,000 by the next five years, the government would have received immense public faith and support.