Dahal to contest from Chitwan-3

Chitwan, November 2

CPN Maoist Centre Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that the country would finally be able to witness political stability after seven decades.

Speaking to mediapersons in Chitwan after filing his candidacy for the parliamentary election from Constituency No 3 of the district, Dahal claimed that candidates of the left alliance would win majority in the Parliament and that would ensure political stability. “The country could not witness political stability for the past 70 years. No government could rule for a complete term of five years. Subsequently, people’s aspiration for development and prosperity was never achieved,” said Dahal.

Dahal claimed that the left alliance would emerge victorious with majority in the election and the alliance would reign for a full five-year term. “If the government proves itself a boon, people will reward it, but if it fails to meet people’s aspiration, they will penalize the alliance,” he said. He held that both the left and democratic alliances were formed for the sake of political stability, which was an opportunity to ensure robust economic development of the country.

He said he was glad to maintain harmony in the alliance and contest the election from his home district of Chitwan with a special goal. He termed the moment ‘historical’. He reminisced that he became the first prime minister of Republican Nepal after being elected the first time from Rolpa and Kathmandu and he became the PM for the second time after being elected from Siraha. He said he had to wait for 11 years to contest the election from his home district and he was of the opinion that he would take over the country’s leadership one more time after being elected from Chitwan.

CPN-MC‘s Amik Sherchan proposed Dahal’s candidacy while UML’s Ramji Prasad Sapkota seconded him.