Quake victims’ data collection begins in Khotang

Khotang, December 24

The process of reconstructing damaged infrastructures in Khotang have finally begun, 21 months after the massive earthquake that devastated the country.

Central Project Implementation Unit under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development said a survey to collect the details of quake victims and damage incurred to their houses during the earthquakes would resume from December 30 this year.

A team deployed from Central Statistics and National Reconstruction Authority arrived in the district headquarters Diktel a few days ago for collection of the victims’ names.

Meanwhile, lawmaker and chairman of the district-based coordination committee PK Rai said data collection and management office was established in Diktel on December 20.

He added that the grant agreement with the quake victims would be signed after the completion of the survey within one-and-a-half months.

Executive Member of National Reconstruction Authority Dhruba Prasad Sharma said the authority planned to mobilise 33 engineers and 33 social mobilisers for the identification of quake victims in the district.

Recent data shows that the number of quake victims in the district stands at 13,333. The authority said that the deputed engineers will classify the victims into five categories and whereby only victims, who fall under category three to five will receive grants.

“While survey work will start in the first phase, the process of signing grant agreement will begin a month and a half after survey completion,” Sharma informed.

According to the authority, as many as 6735 victims had received the quake victim identity cards in Khotang. The number increased to 13,333 after the authority issued a notice for excluded victims to register for government grant .