Quake victims deprived of housing grant

Khotang, July 5

More than two years after the massive earthquake, around 1,482 victims are still waiting to receive the state-pledged housing grant in the villages of Khotang.

The tremor victims in Mahadevsthan, Durchhim, Dharapani, Likuwapokhari, Sawakatahare, Badkadiyale, Simpani, Lichkiramche, Dandagaun, Mattim villages haven’t received even the first tranche of the state-provided grant due to negligence on the part of the ward secretaries concerned in getting the contract-signing done in time.

“It’s been months since the grant amount came to us, but, as the ward secretaries haven’t got the contract signed so far, the quake victims have been unable to get even a single grant instalment,” said District Coordination Committee Coordinator Rajan Kumar BC, ruing the negligence.

As per the record, so far Rs 284 million has been deposited in the bank account of 5,681 quake victims as first instalment of housing grant in the district after grant distribution started from Salapa Development Bank on June 2 and Century Commercial Bank on June 5.

Besides, the grant is being distributed also through Rastriya Banijya Bank Diktel and its Khotangbazaar branch and local branches of Jyoti Development Bank and Bank of Kathmandu.

According to the district coordination committee, Rs 334.74 million will be distributed to 8,843 beneficiaries in the district as first instalment of housing grant.

While the beneficiaries of Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality are being obliged through Bank of Kathmandu, and those from Sakela Rural Municipality from Rastriya Banijya Bank Diktel Branch, beneficiaries from Diprung and Baraha Pokhari Rural Municipalities are receiving the grant from Jyoti Development Bank. Rastriya Banijya Bank Khotang Bazaar Branch is catering to the beneficiaries from Khotehang and Jantedhunga Rural Municipalities.

As per official data, 13,799 houses were damaged in the district. Quake victims get Rs 50,000 as first instalment of housing grant, with additional Rs 150,000 in second instalment after completion of work-related to DPC and yet another tranche of Rs 75,000 in the third instalment to set the roof. Additional 25,000 is given to the victims for construction of latrine.