Rabid dogs terrorising Triyuga locals

Gaighat, January 5

Rabid dogs have been terrorising locals in Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur, for a week now.

As many as 30 people are receiving treatment in health facilities after the rabid dogs bit them. The rabid dogs bit 27 people on Thursday and Friday. District Hospital, Udayapur, said the dog-bite patients had been receiving anti-rabies vaccine. Triyuga Municipality Mayor Baldev Chaudhary said his office had launched a campaign to control stray dogs. “We have also launched a campaign to sterilise stray dogs last year after they terrorised villagers,” he added. Chaudhary said a team would be deployed to kill the stray dogs from tomorrow.

An elderly citizen died and 20 others were injured after rabid dogs bit them last year. A mad jackal had entered the human settlements and bit dogs in the area last year. The local government had also deployed a police team to control rabid dogs in the municipality last year.