Rainas municipal gets new school building

Lamjung, July 6

A newly constructed building of Bhairav Secondary School in Rainas Municipality has brought joy to its students and teachers.

Academic activities of the school had been affected ever since its old building was damaged by the earthquake in 2015.

The Chinese government had taken the responsibility of constructing a new building for the school. China is said to have invested around 830 million rupees on construction of the building, promising to develop it as a model school.

“After the earthquake destroyed the building we were running classes in the open. As we learnt that the Chinese government was helping communities in Nepal to build schools damaged by the earthquake, we reached out to the concerned Chinese officials and now we have a new school building,” said Rainas Municipality Mayor Singh Bahadur Thapa, who is also the chairperson of the school management committee.

“The Chinese contractor had brought manpower and technology to construct the building from China.

Estimated time period for completion of the building was three years. However, the building got completed in two years thanks to the speedy work carried out by the Chines contractor,” said Mayor Thapa.