The Meteorological Forecasting Division issued a special weather bulletin on Sunday stating that combined effect of low pressure system and westerly wind situated over Khadi area of Bangal and middle region of India will be seen in various parts of the country for a few days.

The system is currently shifting northwards and will bring light to medium rainfall in many places of Lumbini, Karnali and Sudur Pashchim Provinces on Monday and Tuesday, and in Province 1 from Tuesday onwards.

Furthermore, it can bring heavy rainfall accompanied with thunderstorm and lightning in few places of aforementioned provinces.

On Wednesday, most of the places in Province 1, 2, Bagmati, Gandaki Provinces will receive light to medium rainfall while few other places can receive heavy rainfall.

The Division further added that there is a chance of snowfall in high mountainous and hilly regions as well.

As such, everyone, especially those traveling and farming are requested to remain cautious and keep an eye on weather forecast regularly.