Yadav blames govt for plotting conspiracy to disintegrate Madhes

JANAKPUR: Member of Presidium of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal, Raj Kishor Yadav, has blamed that the decision of the government of holding the local-level election of province no 2 on September 18 was the conspiracy to disintegrate the Madhes.

At a news conference organised here on Friday, Yadav said, "The RJP-Nepal has not signed any agreement with the government regarding the election."

Saying although they are not against the elections, they would not participate in the elections until their demands are addressed, he expressed the view that struggle for civilisation and identity should not be measured on the basis of population.

Yadav said that today's meeting of the RJP-Nepal would make decision to take the agitation in a systematic way, blaming the ruling parties for hatching conspiracies to make issues of Madhes weak time and again and to put it under the shadow.