Rally to declare Bharatpur Metropolitan City tobacco-free

CHITWAN: Locals of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City organised a demonstration in the city to press the municipal officials to rid the city of chewing tobacco products like Gutkha.

The demonstration was organised by the coordination of the 'Way Group', an organisation formed through facebook.

It was held in front of the metropolitan city office.

The rally is organised a day before the Bharatpur Metropolitan City holds its town assembly meeting.

The participants of the rally, representing various organisations, were carrying placards calling to ban Gutkha-like chewing tobacco products in the Metropolis.

Arguing that apart from harming the human health, the pouches of Gutkha and other brands of chewing tobacco thrown carelessly were contributing to the increasing environment pollution.

The rally which started from Lions Chowk in Narayangadh, turned into a demonstration upon reaching the Bharatpur metropolis office. It passed through local Sahid Chok and Pulchok on the way.