New Delhi, April 26:

Migrant Nepalis in New Delhi organised a rally braving the 40 degree Celsius temperature. They expressed their grievances and offered suggestions for a government that would be formed after the House session on Friday.

The eight million Nepali migrants showed faith in democracy by raising their voice for 19 days. President of the Prabasi Nepali Samittee, Bal Krishna Pandey said, “Now the leaders of the seven parties should be firm in fulfilling the 12-point pact with the Maoists.” The HoR should be determined to bring the Maoists to the table by declaring a constituent assembly.”

President of Prabasi Sangathan Janaadhikari Surakshya Samittee affiliated to CPN (Maoist), Laxman Pant said the country had returned to the pre-October 3, 2002 state.

International powers saved the King and the political parties acted in complicity, he said, “The King still will not accept a constituent assembly.” Editor of Masik Loktantra newspaper, Shailesh Acharya emphasised the House should move ahead for the rule of law.