Ram Chandra Poudel calls for NC, NC-D unification

Chitwan, September 24:

Nepali Congress general secretary Ram Chandra Poudel today said that the Nepali Congress should be unified for strengthening loktantra.

Speaking at a press conference organised here by the Press Union, Poudel stressed the need for party unification.

There should not be any problem in party unification over the issue of posts, said Poudel, adding that the nation was not seeking conflict. Rather, it is seeking unification and so, all should unite now. He also urged Maoists to give up weapons.

Claiming that the issue of army’s weapons was no longer connected to the royal palace, Poudel said the issue of disarming the Maoists has not been decided yet. The issue of management of Maoists’ weapons has already been raised in the 12-point agreement of the parties and Maoists, said Poudel.