Ram Nawami being celebrated across nation

KATHMANDU: Ram Nawami festival, the birthday of Hindu Lord Ram, is being celebrated across the country today.

Lord Ram, who was born to the then Ayodhya King Dashrath and his first queen Kaushalya is considered the seventh incarnation of God Bisnhu.

As per the Hindu mythology, it was Lord Ram who triumphed over Ravana, the then King of Lanka, a symbol of demonic and evil powers, and established peace and harmony in the society.

The ninth day of the bright lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha) in the month of Chaitra is celebrated as the Ram Nawami, in commemoration of the birth of Lord Ram, said Nepali Calendar's Determination Committee's Chair Prof Dr Ramchandra Gautam.

Ram, who is considered as an ideal man and the embodiment of perfect manhood and high morale, was born in the Treta Yug for the protection of virtue.

Devotees visit the temples of Lord Ram and perform special pooja on the occasion of this festival.