Ramechhap locals reeling under water crisis

Ramechhap, January 30

Locals of Pakarbas VDC have been reeling under acute shortage of water in Ramechhap district of late.

Lal Bahadur Manandhar of the VDC said they had to wait overnight to fetch a pitcher of water. The water crisis has forced the folks of Bhimsentole of the VDC to spend their nights at the water spout. As many as 29 households of Bhimsentole have been struggling with the dearth of water.

Local Gopi Karki said they also had to look out for wild animals while waiting to fetch water. “We have to make beds nearby the spout and wait for our turn to fill a pitcher,” she said.

Locals said the crisis had surfaced after the water sources in the village went dry. All the taps and wells, among other water sources, have gone dry in the village. The crisis has also forced many villagers to migrate to other places.

Following acute shortage of drinking water, a women’s group has planned to sell water at two rupees per litre. “We are planning to provide drinking water to the villagers through a non-governmental organisation. The water will be brought in tankers from nearby rivers,” said local Laxmi Manandhar.

As many as 19 VDCs of the district are said to be at high risk of drought.

The locals of Pakarbas, Kathjore, Rampur, Ramechhap and Sukajore along with more than a dozen of VDCs have migrated to areas near the Sunkoshi River.